How to Make an Animation Video

how to make an animation video

Making a Basic Animation Video

making a basic animation video

First, I would like to thank you for your interest in the exciting world of animation video creation! In this article, you will learn some of the basics and how to make an awesome animation video! An animation video is one of the most if not the most powerful way to get people’s attention! First I will explain why animation videos and cartoons are so effective and teach you how to create your own! I will cover the basics like creating a compelling tale or narration. Along with the organized graphics type. So let’s say you want to create an awesome video that tells your website visitors about your products or services, or maybe you want to get a message across to a specific audience?

But, before we dive into how to make an awesome animated video I would like to spend some time explaining exactly why cartoons and animations can be one of the most powerful sales and marketing tools ever. This is because since childhood we’ve been conditioned to love cartoons and animations and we associate them with fun and entertainment rather than business and sales.  We naturally let down our guard when watching cartoons or animated videos and in our minds, we let the message in without prejudice.  Not only that but the cartoons and animations let us concentrate on the wider picture.  To make this short our subconscious mind associates the animation video with fun so it accepts the real message without a defensive wall up.  By using animation videos and cartoons rather than detailed real-life images you eliminate the criticizing instinct even for a few seconds, which opens people’s love to your core message that you may be saying in the animation video.

How to make an awesome animation video the steps:

First and most important you need to know what is your goal of the animation video. Then you need to think of a great tale or narration that will focus on your message. Now after you have chosen your goal and the tale or narration behind it you need to write it down in some sort of written text in video animation format. This will help you visualize your message and find any issues with it before you start your animation video.  There are several programs out there that will help you develop your written text message for your video animation. Now that you have these steps done you can start finding animation graphics that are relevant to your animation video. Now after you have a collection of video animation graphics you can start putting things together in an organized graphics type format.

The Different Methods For Making an Animation Video:

There are two directions you can go in making an animation video.  The first method is using different editable animation software templates which I will list a few of these below. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to make an animation video. The one thing you must keep in mind is you will have to purchase or use more than one animation program. Because there are not any of these programs that will do it all. Sorry to give you this bad news but, be prepared to purchase a number of graphics, and animation video software programs to fit different needs. There are 3d and 2d graphics programs along with text to speech software for narration or you can get voice-overs from a place called a fiver.

Now the next method is to do it all from scratch. We will not be doing this in this article. I will be referring you to a place called Udemy for this more extensive type of training. This is way too advanced to go into in this short article.  I will link up to Udemy so you can look over the video animation programs and find the one that best suits your need.

Get Animation Video Training From Udemy

Recommend Animation Video Software Programs:


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