How to Start a Video Marketing Agency

How to start a video marketing agency

Starting a Video Marketing Agency

In this article, we’re going to go over the video marketing agency business model. When you’re starting your video marketing agency you’re really going to need five or six things. But, it is better to have six things but it really depends on your goal.

Things Your Need To Start Your Video Marketing Agency:

Here we have the things that we’re going to need to get started. 1st you will need thirty to fifty dollars for a domain and a website. A WordPress website is free but, you got to pay about ten to twenty dollars for a domain, and then you have hosting cost which is about twenty dollars a month. There are many hosting companies to choose from. I use 1 and 1 web-hosting. You can get your domain name from most of these hosting companies. Then you will be able to get a business e-mail address from your hosting company. You want to do this because it is more professional to have your business name in your email address, not a Gmail or a Yahoo address.

You want to be professional, so you want to make sure that when you are communicating with these business owners that you are a professional, credible, and serious person. Because you want to show the business that you are someone who has done this before and you’re not just a fly by night operator that has never sold videos before. As a video marketing agency business owner your job is to help businesses develop videos that showcase their brand, products, and their services.

Video Marketing Agency Strategies:

I’m gonna walk you through several video marketing strategies that you’re going to be able to use not only to make your videos but help you find clients. So that once you have a client that is interested in a video and you figure out what exactly it is that they need and then you can go to these resources. A local business video averages around five hundred to a thousand dollars. Larger clients can go into the thousands depending on the size of the client.

Essentially what you’re going to need is a simple website, domain name, and your hosting with an email address along with a logo. I’m going to show you all the resources you will need to get these basic things. I recommend 1 and 1 IONOS Hosting you can get everything you need there and they have 24 hours 7 day a week support.  As far as a logo goes you can use a great graphics creation software by Laughingbird software called The Graphics Creator.  If you want to learn to make a WordPress website, it is really not that hard and you can learn how to make one on a place called Udemy.

Types of Video Agency Projects:

There are two basic types of video projects that are normally used. The first type is the product demonstration, this is where you are demonstrating the benefits of a product, and its features, along with how it functions. This type of video is typically going to be presented in audio and visual formats. This type of video project is good for physical products. The second type is the service demonstration video, when marketing these videos it’s great for having them on a website and, a social media channel. This is where you target services like dentists, or chiropractor where you can create very customized videos for certain ways.

Provide Other Services as a Video Marketing Agency:

There are many different services in the online marketing space that you can give to your clients. Some examples are, web design, search engine optimization, content marketing, and email marketing to name just a few. I just wanted to give you an idea of the different up-sell opportunities available once you get a client that you’ve already provided a video to.

Finding Leads For Your Video Marketing Agency:

In a video marketing agency, you need leads!  Most of the time your target for these leads is a local business.  Depending on which video marketing business model you choose you will need help to find these local leads. Well, I am here to tell you of a great software the will not only find these leads anywhere in the word, but it will get you there phone number, address, website, and email address!  Not only that but, it will even email these leads with your proposal to take advantage of your services!  This software is called Agency Press! You can watch a demo for the agency press here!

Creating Videos For Your Video Marketing Agency:

There are many video creation software programs out the and you will need more that one. There is no one size fits all when it comes to video creation and graphic design. Generally, there are lots of styles and different videos used in a video marketing agency. There are explainer videos, animated cartoon videos, product demo videos, 3D animated videos, interview videos, whiteboard videos, motion graphic videos. These are many of the many leading models utilized with a video marketing agency. Therefore, when should you utilize the one video type that will be most ideal with regards to your needs? In our article, “Video Marketing The Many Different Uses For Video Marketing Videos” we will assist you in discovering the ideal kind of video marketing design for your video marketing agency.

The Different Methods For Making an Animation Video:

There are two directions you can go in making an animation video.  The first method is using different editable animation software templates which I will list a few of these below. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to make an animation video. The one thing you must keep in mind is you will have to purchase or use more than one animation program. Because there are not any of these programs that will do it all. Sorry to give you this bad news but, be prepared to purchase a number of graphics, and animation video software programs to fit different needs. There are 3d and 2d graphics programs along with text to speech software for narration or you can get voice-overs from a place called a fiver.

Now the next method is to do it all from scratch. We will not be doing this in this article. I will be referring you to a place called Udemy for this more extensive type of training. This is way too advanced to go into in this short article.  I will link up to Udemy so you can look over the video animation programs and find the one that best suits your need.

Get Animation Video Training From Udemy

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