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Are you jealous?

I’ve got a kickass idea.

Anyways, having a winning product creation idea can make you wealthy and bring you fame.

I’m pretty sure you want to get started right now, so I’m going to keep this pretty short and sweet.

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Please permit me to digress a bit.

Coming up with a great product info creation can be as simple as cracking open a well-respected book and exploring the table of content.

All you have to do is go to Amazon and search for a well-reviewed e-book or bestselling e-book in a particular niche which you’ve chosen.

Then explore its table of content – Amazon allows you to do this right on the website.

And after exploring the table of contents, all you’ll need to do is check out some subtopics that your product will be about.

That done, the next step is creating your outline. And this is not difficult.

In fact, it’s as simple as checking out tomorrow’s email….where I’ll share in detail the best way to create an outline.

I don’t think I have to remind of how important tomorrow’s email is.

So see you tomorrow!

Talk Soon,

Your New Friend

Mark Dwayne

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