🔴 There’s Reward For Every Labor 👀

Let me ask you this…

Of what good is it to work your ass out in delivering something of value to others without getting any reward [money]?

Don’t get me wrong.

This is your livelihood, right?

You are clearly providing a great deal of value to the marketplace and as such deserve some reward for that.

Getting paid for your labor is the game here.

I’d really want to share with you some tips to bring home the bacon right out of the gate.

One way to do this is by presenting your new subscribers with one time offer [OTO] immediately upon them opting into your email list.

We’ll talk more on this later.

At this point, I’d want to bring to your attention the use of links with your product itself.

This is immensely powerful.

But then you’ve got to be careful with this.

If you are in the weight loss niche and you happen to mention a particular diet pill, for instance, you came with “if you want to shed excess fat in 21 days click here to watch this video presentation” or something of such.

Be very careful to ensure that the video is talking about the same thing with what you wrote.

If there’s a video, as in the above example, use it to your advantage. But if there’s none, find an exciting tip or testimonial and use.

And if you are taking them to Amazon or any other site with real user reviews, you could say something like this “please don’t just buy [PRODUCT NAME] without reading the unbiased reviews of customers first. Click here to read the reviews”.

Or something of that nature!

And remember, don’t overdo it.

Tomorrow, we’ll be dealing with your actual capture system – where the rubber meets the road in the wild world of list building.

So be sure you hang around for tomorrow’s email.

If you miss out on this opportunity, you might never see such again your entire life.

See you tomorrow.

To your success,

Your New Friend Mark Dwayne

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  1. Thanks Mark, I understand. But how do I get my old pictures from FB that have been iclouded…and I can’t seem to find them . I could really use them for allot of my posts. Have a great day and thanks for the heads up for MORE SUCCESSFUL SALES and an ABUNDANCE OF WEALTH working with you and your companies system. Sincerely , Gabrielle

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