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Hi buddy.

I’m pretty sure that you’ll soon be filled with happiness for opening and reading this email.

But then, I’d just want you to take out some time and contemplate on the subject line of this email “eat your cake….and get paid.”

Think about this scenario taking place in the real world situation.

You head into a restaurant, ordered a cake for yourself and your date, a couple of bottle wine and a delicious dessert…

And at the end of the meal when it seems nothing could make this experience any better, the waiter approaches your table and hands you two $100 bills, and at the same time thank you.

Isn’t this absurd?

This can only be possible in the wonderful world of list building.

In other words, you can get paid handsomely for building your list.


Upsell funnel is the answer.

The cool thing about you building a list is that you’ve captured a good number of audience that you can comfortably market to again and again.

And there is absolutely no reason why you should allow that advantage slip off your fingers.

In essence, your next line of action upon your new subscribers signing up is to offer them a paid offer.

This could be an affiliate link or your product.

The product doesn’t really matter provided it’s a converter.

I personally use affiliate product because it reduces much effort for me.

It is also smart of you to choose an affiliate offer that comes with its own full up-sell funnel.

What this means is…..

When your new subscriber opts in, he/she is taken to a thank you page.

This is simply a page you set up telling your subscriber that an email containing a link to download their freebie will be sent shortly.

This link will lead them to your up-sell offer. This will be an affiliate offer related to your freebie’s main topic.

And the vendor whose product you are promoting will have some few up-sells in place that allows you earn bigger and bigger commissions.

Let’s consider this realistic example.

Let’s say the product vendor charges $9.99 for their front end product and paying 100% commissions to their affiliates, and then they’re offering a $26.99 first up-sell and a $46.99 second up-sell.

And let’s say they are paying their affiliates 50% commissions on up sells [this is common in IM].

Let’s assume it costs you $80 for 250-click solo Ads to drive traffic to your squeeze page, and the solo Ad seller over delivers and sends you 300 clicks.

And from the 300 clicks, you got 100 new subscribers. So you paid 80 bucks for 100 subscribers.

And let’s also assume that you get 5% sales conversion rate [which could be more than]. In this realistic scenario, you’ll get 5 sales.

So you’ve got 50 bucks so easily.

Obviously, you’ve actually spent $80 on your solo Ad.

With this profit of $50, you’re only running short of $30.

That’s only if they didn’t take the vendor up on their up-sells. But it’s very likely that at least one of these five buyers will buy again.

If just one of the buyers buys the first up-sell and the second up-sell, you’re actually in profit…you got paid to put 100 new people on your list.

This is just an example.

But it’s an extremely realistic example.

It’s truly just a matter of grabbing an affiliate link and setting up a simple little thank-you page.

If you can’t see how exciting this business model is, you either haven’t been paying attention….or you’re a fool.

I hope neither of these is the case.

And I have this to say, if there was ever something you needed to expand your knowledge on, this is it.

That’s why I recommend you getting your hands on some quality list building program.

Start small and cheap, and build a solid foundation.

By tomorrow, we’ll look into traffic.

And be sure you don’t miss out on tomorrow’s email.

See you tomorrow!

To your success,

Your New Friend Mark Dwayne

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