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Digital Marketing changes faster than you can imagine, the old ways marketing just won’t work anymore. You’ll realize that how hard it’s now to generate leads and sales, how expensive it’s now to run paid ads to achieve great results, and the list goes on. And if yout think your lead generation is only slightly or somewhat effective, then you have to change the way you do with your Digital Marketing. In fact, more than 80% of marketers say their lead generation is only slightly or somewhat effective. In other words most marketing just ISN’T working. So you’re not alone. How you can optimize your marketing strategy? Have you ever tried to improve your marketing to generate tons of qualify leads and hungry buyers with less cost?

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Want to get more leads with one additional line? Increase your optin rate Let me ask this bluntly - when you setup a new optin page, what is your conversion rate like? How many leads can you generate? If your answer is less than 50%, you are DEFINITELY leaving money on the table. And there's a simple way to fix that. See - over 50% of the people hitting your page will leave your site in under 5 seconds. That's scary and wasteful - especially when you are putting time and money in driving traffic. So over HALF of the people who see your optin page won't even check it out properly. Is there a way to fix that? Well, yes, there is. TabEngage gets you more leads with one line of code

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