How To Create YouTube Shorts for Affiliate Marketing

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating YouTube Shorts for Affiliate Marketing
Mark Dwayne here from Today, I’m excited to share with you a training session on how to make YouTube Shorts specifically for affiliate marketing.

There are a variety of niches and styles for Shorts videos, but I focus on affiliate marketing. I record my videos using a mobile phone, then edit and upload them via my PC. While some people might prefer to do everything on their mobile devices using various apps,

I find my method to be more efficient and straightforward. Although I can churn out three or four videos a day, I’ve noticed that more frequent uploads tend to result in fewer views.

Choosing Your Niche and Setting Goals
The first step is to determine your niche and goals. For me, my niche is affiliate marketing, and my main goals are to attract more views to my YouTube channel, direct viewers to my long-form content, and grow my email list for remarketing purposes. YouTube Shorts can significantly boost your views if timed correctly, making them a powerful tool for audience growth.

Essential Tools for Creating YouTube Shorts
To get started, you’ll need a mobile phone and a mobile phone holder. I’ll provide links to these tools in the video description. For instance, I use a mobile phone holder I purchased on Amazon for around $16. Another essential tool is Rocket Clips for transcription, which is currently on launch. I highly endorse this program, and I recommend getting the unlimited version for unlimited transcription time.

Video Editing Software
You’ll also need video editing software. I use Corel Video Studio 2023, which costs about $63. While there are other options like Camtasia, which is highly regarded but expensive, you can also find free versions online. For this demonstration, I’ll use Corel Video Studio.

Preparing Your Content
Once you have your tools ready, outline your content. For example, a video titled “Nine Tips to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” would require a detailed outline of tips. Record each tip line by line using your mobile phone, then take these recordings to your editing software.

Editing Your Video
In Corel Video Studio, upload your recorded clips from your mobile phone and arrange them in sequence. Ensure your video is under 60 seconds to qualify as a Short. Edit it down if necessary and consider adding transitions like fade-ins and fade-outs for a polished look. This is how you efficiently make a YouTube Short on PC.

Adding Transcriptions
For transcription, I use Rocket Clips AI. This tool adds subtitles to your video, making it more engaging and accessible. Upload your edited video to Rocket Clips AI, choose your transcription style, and make any necessary adjustments to the text layout.

Finalizing and Uploading Your Video
Once your video is edited and transcribed, export it and save it with a relevant name. Upload your video to YouTube by selecting the appropriate category and filling in all necessary details. This is how to upload YouTube Shorts from a PC and how to upload short videos on YouTube from a PC efficiently. Consider adding related videos, which are particularly useful for desktop viewers.

Conclusion: Growing Your Audience with YouTube Shorts
Creating YouTube Shorts for affiliate marketing is an efficient way to grow your audience and expand your reach. YouTube Shorts are currently very popular and can drive significant traffic to your channel. By consistently producing high-quality Shorts, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field and achieve your marketing goals.

If you’re wondering how to start affiliate marketing or how to do affiliate marketing for beginners, incorporating YouTube Shorts can be a game-changer. They not only help in making money with YouTube Shorts but also in growing your email list and driving traffic to your long-form content.

If you have any questions on how to use YouTube Shorts for affiliate marketing, feel free to leave a comment. If you enjoyed the video, please give it a like. Thank you for watching, stay safe, and I’ll see you next time. For the best possible deals, check out the links below.

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